Dr Kimberly Brayman

Dr. Kimberly Brayman is a licensed psychologist with decades of experience in both Canada and the United States. After years of working in health care she was inspired to build confidence, normalize struggle, inspire hope, and delight adults and children alike through her storytelling. As an artist, she brings the delight and magesty she sees in the world to the canvas. She now divides her time between Canada, the USA, and Dubai creating while spending time with her children and grandchildren.


Prints & Art Products

  • At times, teenage girls and young women look outside themselves, trying to please others. This book focuses on going inside and working within to find balance and satisfaction in life. 

  • Never heard of PANS/PANDAS? You’re not alone! Most adults don’t hear anything about this mysterious ailment until they personally know a child who struggles to deal with it every day.