Early Learning (ABCs and I, 2, 3s)

Artsy Alphabet




read the 🔤's with rhythm and rhymes

Learn the alphabet with our favorite animals, witches, even flowers.  Everyone needs to practice their ABC’s.

Children will learn the flow and be able to fill in, repeat, start to grasp reading. Fun and interactive, Artsy Alphabet offers a relationship building block for parents with their child. They are also establishing books/reading as fun and enjoyable with an access to a world of imagination.


      Count With Me



      1,2,3 🧮 Count With Me

      Children love this colorful, silly counting book!  A fun, colorful counting book with beautiful images and lots of sing song rhymes - this is one skill building book that will become of favorite with children 0 - 4.

      Count along with them as they learn their numbers, and then do it all over again!


      Dr. Kimberly Brayman wrote and created the illustrations for this whimsical book. She loves bright colors. They bring a little more joy into the world.She believes a well-written story, even one about counting, can help a child build empathy and empower them to build boundaries, solve problems and become self-reliant.

      Join in the fun of Count With Me.  






          Artsy Alphabet & Count With Me: A 0-4 Early Learner Hardcover




          Two favorites in one combined edition!