Starting School

Starting school whether it be nursery, Pre-K, or Kindergarten brings many questions and new challenges alongside plenty of joy. Several of Dr. Kimberly Brayman's books are aimed at children exploring this new stage. 

Will You Be My Friend?















finding friends 🤗

Meet Atreus, a little boy who is looking and looking to make new friends.  In this story all Atreus wants to do is meet new children, but he finds it really hard to do. He bravely approaches other kids and asks them to be his friends, but many of them ignore him or laugh at him.

It’s easy to get sad and let down but Atreus is persistent. He keeps looking and his persistence pays off!  One by one Atreus finds some other children who are also playing alone.  Each of them wants to be friends!  Now instead of being alone, Atreus and his new friends have a whole group of children to spend time with.

Will You Be My Friend is inspired by true stories, it’s a sad start with a happy outcome that almost all children (and parents!) can relate to at some point in their lives.  While this sweet story is lighthearted and fun, it touches on some strong themes, making it a great tool for parents to have on hand.

    • friendship 
    • social isolation and social skills
    • being lonely
    • diversity
    • being different
    • how to fit in
    • the stress of school 
    • the importance of social-emotional development 

Dedicated to all the children struggling now. There is a friend who needs you too. Look around until you find each other.


We are Different and the Same



Meet Atreus, a little boy who is becoming curious about all the differences amongst people. Part of a blended family, Atreus realizes he looks different from his mom and different from his dad – but he also looks the same.

Follow along in the story as Atreus and his family navigate the differences in the world and the people in it – from hair color to hobbies Atreus learns that everyone is different, and that’s just the way it should be!

A fun, lighthearted book that all children (and parents!) can relate to. Beautifully illustrated, We are Different and the Same gently opens a door for discussion on real life themes and can be used as a great tool by parents and teachers as a stepping stone for discussion.

  • diversity
  • acceptance
  • being curious about differences
  • prejudice
  • racial profiling


I Wear a Mask



😷 making masks fun 

There are lots of people who wear masks every day at work for their jobs. Other people wear masks so they don't spread germs and help keep the people they love safe. When you wear a mask, you can let your imagination run wild and be anything you want to be!  Join in the imaginative adventures of I Wear a Mask.

I Wear a Mask is a fun and imaginative book for parents and educators that helps reinforce the importance of wearing masks, and helps teach children that wearing a mask can be fun, playful, and imaginative!

This book is an excellent tool for parents and educators that helps encourage children to wear masks during the pandemic, and to give them a much needed sense of fun and imagination - helping to turn a negative into a positive.