About Brayman Books

 Dr. Kimberly Brayman is a licensed psychologist with decades of experience in both Canada and the United States.  After years of working in health care she was inspired to build confidence, normalize struggle, inspire hope, and delight adults and children alike through her storytelling. She weaves the wisdom she has garnered over the years into her books.  Kimberly Brayman
 She believes stories not only build empathy, but empower the listener to find their own self-reliance and strength. The power of supportive relationships is a strong theme. When a child knows deep in their heart that they are loved and accepted, just the way they are, they have a chance to blossom.

 In her Marshmallow easy-reader chapter books, the stories show real life obstacles and experiences with beautiful illustrations. This series in particular supports girls with anxiety. Many coping strategies are woven in.

Her illustrated children’s books draw in her wisdom as a psychologist and touch on topics that reflect a child’s world and issues. Her stories support healthy development. Issues of diversity, friendship, problem solving, responsibility and the importance of family are woven in.

Dr. Kimberly Brayman is a registered psychologist registration #2464 in British Columbia, Canada. She is a dual citizen (Canada/USA) and spend twenty years in Colorado, the last eight owning, and managing, The Little Blue House- A Place to Heal. 
 She is a mother to three wonderful adult children and a proud grandmother to two grandchildren, with a third on the way. She divides her time between Canada, the USA, and Dubai, and has recently volunteered in Dubai reading to, and conducting writing workshops for Grade 1-12. She considers herself a global citizen, and is committed to making the world a better place, wherever she is. 
 In addition to writing and self publishing her books, Dr Brayman is an artist that illustrates some of her books and paints extensively. She has sold her work in both Canada and the USA. She is a creative individual and believes in the power of expressing oneself fully. Her watercolor and acrylic paintings bring beauty to a space with a color palette that catches the eye.