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Pianos in the Park. Volunteered time and talent to create this for Tourism Kelowna

Pianos in the Park: Painted (volunteer time) for Tourism Kelowna in 2022. This piano sits under a covered area by the city library.

Designed and Painted by Dr. Kimberly Brayman (GIFTED)

Horses in the Mist: Watercolor (SOLD)

Sunflowers: A study. Watercolor (SOLD)

From: ABC's  Alphabet Book (Original SOLD)

                                                               Watercolor: F is for Fish   

From "I Wear a Mask"From: "I Wear A Mask"



Kimberly Brayman is inspired by her rich imagination and the beauty of the world around her. Many of her larger pieces are landscapes that reflect her extensive travel.

Working in acrylic and watercolor, she paints on wood, canvas, and watercolor paper. Illustrations for several of her books were done in a delightfully rewarding process that fills her heart and soul. Larger pieces are done in whatever country she happens to be visiting or living in. 

Contact Kimberly at to inquire about purchasing art. She has painted and sold many of her landscapes such as this. Open for commissions. 

(SOLD)  This large acrylic painting was inspired by the wilderness of northern British Columbia. Combining the realism of the world with a mystical, whimsical approach, her paintings draw the viewer into a world of light and love.

 Commissioned by Skyridge Hospital: Retirement Gift for a Registered Nurse

Commissioned by Skyridge Hospital, Centennial, CO: Gift for Staff