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Let's Talk About PANS PANDAS - What it is and How to Live with it

A must-read for families navigating the challenges of PANS/PANDAS.


Never heard of PANS/PANDAS? You’re not alone! Most adults don’t hear anything about this mysterious ailment until they personally know a child who struggles to deal with it every day.

So, what is PANS/PANDAS?

How can you help?

Let’s talk!

 Loving All of Me - a Guide for Girls of All Ages

Loving All of Me - The Inner World is a therapeutic guide to knowing one's self.


At times, teenage girls and young women look outside themselves, trying to please others. This book focuses on going inside and working within to find balance and satisfaction in life. 

Packed with illustrations, humor and knowledge, it was designed to help young women learn to understand themselves. Broken into easy-to-read chapters, it focuses on the various parts of oneself that often get pushed down or aside.

Written by psychologist Dr. Kimberly Brayman, this guide may help teens and young women find and accept themselves. While primarily directed at teens, there are many women who find useful information and skills in these pages. 

This book can be used as a self-help guide or as a tool with a therapist, aprent, or teacher. There are action steps included in every chapter to assist with development.

Themes - self development, adolescence, boundaries, grounding, self referencing, mindfulness, observor space, therapeutic, body image, emotional regulation, sexual identity, behavioral choices, loving your body.