Nana Loves You More 2: Weekend Away

Nana Loves You More 2: Weekend Away

Six weeks with sun, sand, and my grandchildren, has turned my trip to Dubai into a magical time. Adelyn and Atreus have filled my heart, as I hope I have filled theirs. I came to the conclusion that unless you can tell a twenty minute story, off the cuff, with whatever bathtub toys are there, you do not truly have an imagination. I passed the test, and it was a hilarious writer's exercise. Perhaps they should set up writers of children's stories with that challenge daily?

Nana Loves you More 2: Weekend Away was inspired by my pure hearted, and misguided belief I could easily gift their mom and dad with a weekend date together. The amazing job they are doing as parents leaves them with less time as a couple--I am sure all parents will relate. So--the story ideas come directly from my weekend looking after these little munchkins.  A work in progress, I will add a snippet below. I was joy filled, and exhausted.

The weekend's here so off you go,

Let Nana run this circus show.

Two toddlers under four, yahoo!

Oh, Nana Loves you more.

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