So Many Ideas!

So Many Ideas!

inspired and scattered

I smile when I hear people say they are bored. This, of all states of being, I do not understand. I woke this morning and it was cold. I thought winter, ug, and… Christmas is coming. When I spoke with a friend a couple days ago we were talking about our childhood. Of all the presents I ever received, my absolute favorite gift was a coloring book.

Today, I thought, – I need to make a Marshmallow the Magic Cat coloring book. I want to color it for goodness sakes. Having said that you have to know that I am a third done the art for “I Wear a Mask”; we are at the layout/ proofreading stage of “Avry Goes to the Hotsprings” (set in Colorado), I have an editor going through my young adult book “Children of the Earth” (working title) and I have half the art done for “Sibley and the Music Monsters.” I am never bored. I am scattered, my house can become a hurricane scene, but I am never, never bored.

There are so many ideas to think about, so many beautiful things in the world, so much I want to accomplish. So while you wait for the coloring book – please remember to go check out the Marshmallow series, and yes, there is a lovely Christmas story, and the holidays will be here in a blink. So – magic ravens and clues, a mystery, mean elves, inherent goodness and Santa! How can you go wrong?

Dr. Kimberly

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