Chaos and Inspiration: Just Write!

Chaos and Inspiration: Just Write!

As an author, I know that my perseverance and dedication to my craft is solid. At three years in, I have over twenty children's books published. I LOVE the process, and I am now turning my hand to Young Adult Readers. This, I am finding is, a more complex process. I must remember the nuances many chapters ahead.

I am breathing, taking notes, getting beta readers to help, and I see my fall winter as being largely dedicated to the revisions of The Quest, and Soul Mender (working title). How to juggle that with art that wants painting, broken cars in the shop, walks my dog wants, house chores and my own studying of writing skills is my current jumble. I always do well with lists.

Starting my day with a meditation helps the rest of my day. Check.

Walking my dog is essential to both of us. Check.

Coffee. Essential. Check... add shower to this. Yes.

Sit. Write. Edit, Imagine, Rewrite. Continue. I will persist.

My characters seem to be sitting at my dining room table watching me, so I best turn my hand back to that task. Smiling. Getting to know me is knowing the chaos inside a great well of inspiration. Still smiling. Write on!

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