Soul Watcher - Book 2 comes to life

Soul Watcher - Book 2 comes to life

I am twenty three thousand words into Book Two, of the series, Children of the New World, I am intensely intertwined with my characters lives at this point. I see them; I hear them; I feel them, and in the most unexpected moments (like in the middle of a conversation with a friend), I get ah ha moments, where it is absolutely clear what is happening next with a character.

Talia lost her leg following Malik, out on the rolling logs, in Book One, The Quest, Now her journey continues, as she struggles to understand who she is. She will not be a Water wielder, which was her birth sign. The mystics know that she plays a role and send her Amaryllis, a magnificent dapple grey mare, to travel with. A cabin is found off a dirt road. Will they stay? Will their journey stall, or will Talia learn valuable insights about herself, in the much needed, winter of healing?

Leigha faces the labyrinth. Will she find the answers she needs?

Maddie’s mother dies from the virus, and she is captured by the mutants.

Adie’s only family, her grandmother dies, and she is bereft.

How do the girls come together? Who will survive? What is needed? In a post apocalyptic world, the mystics may help, but it is up to the children to save the planet.

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