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We Are Different and the Same

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Meet Atreus, a little boy who is becoming curious about all the differences amongst people.  Part of a blended family, Atreus realizes he looks different from his mom and different from his dad - but he also looks the same.

Follow along in the story as Atreus and his family navigate the differences in the world and the people in it - from hair color to hobbies Atreus learns that everyone is different, and that’s just the way it should be!

A fun, lighthearted book that all children (and parents!) can relate to.  Beautifully illustrated, We are Different and the Same gently opens a door for discussion on real life themes and can be used as a great tool by parents and teachers as a stepping stone for discussion.

  • diversity

  • acceptance

  • being curious about differences

  • prejudice

  • racial profiling

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