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The Quest | Children of the New World Audiobook

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💥 can they save the world?

Download The Quest, Book 1 in the Children of the New World Series to your favorite device.

Two brothers unite in an epic quest to find food and save the surviving children in a post-apocolyptic world.  Adults have perished, mutants have overun the cities, and food is running out.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the children must learn to lead. The cities, plagued by engineered viruses, are now overrun with mutants, while most of the adults outside their walls have already died. Increasingly wary of all genetically modified food sources, the few remaining adults have now set fire to what’s left of the community’s supply of seeds.

With food growing scarce, half-brothers Adan and Malik have been sent to find the Outliers—a reclusive and distrustful band of environmental purists who hold stores of unmodified seeds.

Despite their deep-seated differences, the two boys must learn to work together as they strive to fulfill their destiny.

Will they succeed on their quest?

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