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Blueberries is one of our favorite books for children 0 - 3 years old.  It's a fun, silly, and humorous story that can be a touchstone for parents trying to make the bridge of communication with a toddler lacking language acquisition. It is based on a true story, and Atreus indeed loves blueberries more than all else. 

Atreus is a toddler who doesn’t have the words to tell his mama what he wants for breakfast. She brings him many things to try, but they aren’t right.

What Atreus craves is frozen, yummy, crunchy, juicy blueberries. No matter how hard he thinks it, she doesn’t bring them.

Will his mama figure it out? Will Atreus get what he loves to eat?

Blueberries normalizes the struggle around food, the table, and the navigation of this gem of a developmental stage. My child has wants but no words to tell me.  Join Atreus and his mama as they find the perfect breakfast treat together.

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